Overcoming Cultural Barriers in Health Care

KRISTINA is an EU funded research project, which aims at developing technologies for a human-like socially competent and communicative agent. It runs on mobile communication devices and serves for migrants with language and cultural barriers in the host country.

How can KRISTINA help me if…

I am a health professional?

I am a patient or a caregiver?

I work for an institution?

Latest news

SWAT4LS Conference

The next SWAT4LS will be held in Amsterdam, NL, 5-8th December 2016. KRISTINA is glad to take part in the event:  our partner CERTH is going to present a framework for conversational awareness and conflict resolution in spoken dialogue systems for home care assistance.

The LebensPhasenHaus

The LebensPhasenHaus is a smart-house, located in Tübingen: our partners had the pleasure to understand how this smart-house is working and how it helps elderly people to live their lives without obstacles and constraints. 

Ethical work in progress

Our European partners met in Tübingen and together they discussed about the results and main achievements concerning the first prototype. KRISTINA is going to assist elderly people and migrants: human values, cultures, human interactions are leading the research.

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