Overcoming Cultural Barriers in Health Care

KRISTINA is an EU funded research project, which aims at developing technologies for a human-like socially competent and communicative agent. It runs on mobile communication devices and serves for migrants with language and cultural barriers in the host country.

How can KRISTINA help me if…

I am a health professional?

I am a patient or a caregiver?

I work for an institution?

Latest news

KRISTINA has been presented in Barcelona at the XPatient Barcelona Congress

The KRISTINA Project is entering the final stretch of development. The project started in 2015 and during the upcoming months the final prototype will be presented to the European Commission and to the H2020 evaluators of the European funded projects

StarTrek-style communicator to break down cultural barriers

EU supported project aims to create #StarTrek-style communicator to break down cultural barriers.The Horizon Magazine published an interesting article related to innovation technologies able to break down cultural barriers

Interspeech 2017

It's time for Interspeech2017. Our researchers are in Stockholm (Sweden) presenting 3 different papers on using prosody to classify discourse relations, A thematicity-based prosody enrichment tool for CTS, A tool for prosody visualisation of large speech corpora.

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multilingual intelligent embodied agent social competence adaptive dialogue expressive speech recognition and synthesis discourse generation vocal facial and gestural social and emotional cues